Izwe Loans

Izwe Loans have just gave people freedom when it comes to loans and now they offer loans from R1000 up to R50 000 with repayment month’s from 9 to 60 months with low interest and easy repayment periods and to apply is quick it is an online application Izwe Loans offer more than a loan.



Ways to apply

To apply for Izwe Loans is quick you can apply online or you can call them it is up to you to choose the best way that suits you.

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To apply for a Izwe Loan you will need to be 18 years or older, have a bank that works, valid ID, latest of bank statement and payslips then you can apply.

What does the Izwe Loan offer

The Izwe Loan offers loans from R1 000 up to R50 000 with repayment of 9 to 60 month’s, insurance and low interest rates with easy repayment periods.

Contact details

Call:010 206 7400 or Website:www.izweloans.com

IZWE Loans
IZWE Loans

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