Standard Bank Overdraft

Standard Bank Overdraft is a credit facility that is loaded on top of your current bank account if you are a Standard Bank customer meaning you can borrow money on the same account and it is quick to apply online, internet or cell phone banking if you are a non Standard Bank customer you can apply for a account at your nearest branch.



Ways to apply

To apply for a Standard Bank Overdraft is easy if you are a Standard Bank customer you can apply online, internet banking, cell phone banking or at the branch you choose.

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If you are a Standard Bank customer is easy but a non customer you must have an account with Standard bank by applying, you must be 21 years, be South African, clear credit record and earn a minimum of R3 000 per month then you can apply.

What does the Standard Bank Overdraft offer

The Standard Bank Overdraft offers an immediate cash in case of emergency, you can borrow up to R500, easy application, no interest rates, you can take an insurance and it is easy to repay the overdraft for an instant cash apply for Standard Bank Overdraft.

Contact details

Call: 0860 123 000 or Email: or

Standard Bank Overdaraft
Standard Bank Overdaraft

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